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Mesin Pulper Buah Kopi
Mesin Pulper Buah Kopi
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Specification of Mesin Pulper Buah Kopi

Wet Coffee Paring Machine | Coffee Pulper Machine | Coffee Fruit Peeling Machine
Coffee Fruit Peeling Machine Or Wet Coffee Peeling Machine (Coffee Pulper Machine) Is A Coffee Processing Machine That Serves To Peel The Fruit Of Wet Coffee (Coffee That Is Mature) So The Seeds And Skin Are Separated.
Ways of working :
Enter the Mature Coffee Fruit into the Machine, then the fruit is ground with a clockwise rotation, the processing results (seeds) will come out from the front of the machine and (skin) will come out from the back of the machine.
- Dimensions (P X L X T): 115 X 70 X 150 Cm
- Body Material: MS
- Peel Cylinder: SS
- Capacity: 100 - 200 Kg / Hour
- Drive: 8Hp Diesel
Note: Capacity, Function and Engine (Drive) Can Be Adjusted To Consumer Needs.

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