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Mesin Bor Bibit
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Specification of Mesin Bor Bibit

Soil Drilling Machine | Seed Drilling Machine | Plantation Machinery
We Sell Soil Drilling Machines, Seed Drilling Machines, Drill Rod (Accessories Drilling) For Various Types Of Drill Equipment (Drilling Machines) Needed By Consumers.

Ground Drill Machine
Soil Drilling Machines Function To Make Soil Holes, For Planting Plant Seeds, Biopori.
- Displacement: 49.3 Cc
- Tank capacity: 1.3 Liter
- Weight: 13 Kg
- Auger (He. 10, 20, 30) Optional

Information :
2-stroke engine, gasoline must be mixed with side oil 25 appeal 1
Example: 1 Liter of Gasoline, 4Ml of Side Oil

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