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Jack Hammer Gasoline Breaker
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Specification of Jack Hammer Gasoline Breaker

Jack Hammer | Gasoline Breaker | Machine tools
Jack Hammer, Breaker Hammer Or Gasoline Breaker Is Widely Used In Mining And Excavation, As Well As In Construction Projects. Jack Hammer Used To Drill Breaking Asphalt, Concrete, This Operation Is Similar To Hammer And Chisel. Jack Hammer Also Known As Pneumatics And They Are Mainly Used In Breaking Down Roads, Concrete Sidewalks, And Stones. This Jack Hammer Is Also Widely Applied In Demolition Work, Chipping Railway, Road Construction & Other Civil Works. Unlike the Jack Hammer in General, Wacker Uses Gasoline Fuels, Enabling Use Anywhere Without Relying on Electric Power or Compressors. Another advantage is the consumption of highly efficient fuel, which is 0.5L / hour, compared to the average fuel consumption for compressors reaching 18L / hour. In Addition To This User Tool / Company Only Enough To Use 1 Operator, Compared To The Wind Hammer Jack Requires 2 Operators (Jack Hammer & Compressor).

- Application: Breaking / Tie Tamping / Ramming
- Drive: WACKER 2-T Gasoline
- Power: 2 Kw (2.7 HP)
- Fuel To Oil Ratio: 50: 1
- Fuel Consumption: 1.2 Liter / Hour
- Tank Capacity: 1.8 Liter
- Dimension (Lxwxh): 790 X 450 X 333 mm
- Weight: 23 Kg

Chisel Set:
- Flat Chisel
- Moil Point
- Wide Chisel
- Tie Tamping
- Asphalt Cutter

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