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Delineator Pembatas Jalan
Delineator Pembatas Jalan
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Specification of Delineator Pembatas Jalan

Delineator Post | Delineator Limiting Road | Roadway Safety
Delineator Post Or Delineator Limiting Road Is A Sign - Traffic Signs Are Installed On The Side Left Or Right Of The Road, As A Warning For Motorized Vehicle Drivers That The Road Is Passing Is Pretty Dangerous, Very Properly Mounted On The Location Of The Cornering Road And Equipped With Scotchlite Reflector With The Position Is Very Ideal For The View Of Drivers At Night Which Reflects Distant Rays When A Vehicle Is Highlighted.

- Height: 120 cm
- Material: Plastic, Rubber, Iron
- Reflective Series: 3M Reflective 610 Series, EG Prismatic Reflective (EGP)
- Cropping Anchors (Optional)

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